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KASBAH was founded by a group of parents of children with Spina Bifida and/or Hydrocephalus in 1966 with a desire to help other families in circumstances similar to their own. All of the support services are now open to any person with a physical and/or learning disabilities, including support for the parents, carers and families.


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Hi Everyone,

Seasonal greetings to you all, I hope you are all enjoying the run up to Christmas and are not too sick of the Christmas songs playing just yet. We are all busy making our Christmas preparations here at KASBAH, we are fully aware that along with all of the Christmas cheer this can be a difficult and isolating time of the year for some, you don't have to be on your own. Although the office is closing over the Christmas period, we will check our office voicemails intermittently. May I take this opportunity to wish you a prosperous New Year for 2018!

Best Wishes

Emma - KASBAH Chief Executive Officer


Gift Aid

Gift Aid provides a great opportunity for you to increase the value of the donations you make to KASBAH. Provided you are a UK taxpayer, however you make your donations, KASBAH can reclaim the basic rate tax from the Inland Revenue, boosting the donation of every £1 to £1.25.

There are several different ways you can make a donation:

By Post

Donations can be made by cheque, postal order or cash and should be posted to:
KASBAH, 7 The Hive, Northfleet, Kent DA11 9DE.
Please make cheques and postal orders payable to KASBAH. We recommend that cash payments should only be sent using a secure mailing system (i.e. registered mail).

By Standing Order

If you want to make regular donations, payments by standing order are an effective way of doing this. You can make payments weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly to suit. Once the initial forms are completed, please return them to the KASBAH office for documenting, we will then forward them to your bank who will do the rest.

Payroll Giving

Many employers now operate Payroll Giving schemes. These schemes are tax efficient as they enable you to make a donation directly from your salary before tax has been deducted. This means that if you pay the basic rate of tax, for every £1.00 you give to KASBAH, it only costs you 78 pence. (For higher rate taxpayers the scheme has even greater advantages.)

For more information about Payroll Giving please email us at


Legacies are an effective way of making sure that your good intentions and our vital work continues into the future. Naturally, your first concern will be for your family and loved ones, but please consider helping us by including KASBAH with your will. Legacies are tax-free and simple to set up even if you do not currently have a will.

For more information regarding legacy giving please email us at


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