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KASBAH is extremely grateful to everyone who has donated to our Association. Your support has enabled KASBAH to build upon its existing foundations and look at ways of enhancing some of these.

Great North Run for KASBAH

The 2008 BUPA Great North Run … and I completed it!!

Claire Minster Great North RunHi I’m Claire Minter from Folkestone in Kent, currently living in the North West & working for the BBC in Liverpool, and earlier this year I set myself a challenge!

I decided I needed something to do to keep myself focussed & most of all busy! They say that everyone taking part in the Great North Run has a story … and I’m no different. The year before my life changed dramatically and I was left feeling empty & very lost … especially with the death of a very close friend who was the same age as me. I looked at myself in the January of 2008 & decided I needed to pull my socks up & that life was too short! So I looked into the idea of a run … and in the February I was lucky enough to be chosen for the Great North Run through the Daily Telegraph ballot … that was it, no turning back!!

Never having undertaken ANYTHING like this before (the thought of running to the bus made me shudder!) I got myself on a diet & started the arduous task of training…

And of course I had to run for a charity … so who should I chose & who would be my motivation … that’s an easy answer … MY MUM!

My dear mum is a star! She’s always there for me even though I live so far away & I wish I could do more for her; my mum has hydrocephalus & I must admit I would never have known what that was had she not been diagnosed with it. I know she’s learnt to live with it these days, I think we all have, and I’ll always be apologetic to her for finishing off her sentences sometimes – don’t you hate it when people do that?! So it was easy to chose … run for ASBAH & KASBAH; the latter have been such a help to my mum this year, even visiting her at home which I know has been a big help to her & so that’s why it meant such a lot to me too to do this run for them …

Claire Minster Great North RunAnd so here I am at the end of October & I can’t believe I have completed my challenge! I finished in 3 hours, 11 minutes & 9 seconds & I’ve never felt so tired & emotional before!! I cried as I crossed the finish line as it had been such a hard slog towards the end, and of course all the hard work & determination just to get there. And of course the thought of all those people (some of which don’t even KNOW me!) who had sponsored me along the process & helped to raise over £1,000 for the charities.

And it’s those people I want to thank today, who I will never meet but who decided that they’d sponsor me to achieve a personal goal & to raise some money for a worthwhile charity!

So on behalf of my mum & me THANK YOU! And would I do it again? Well as the pain seared through my legs for 2 days after the event I vowed NO … but now I’m re-thinking that decision … it was such a buzz on the day & I feel I’ve really done some good, both for charity and for me! See you next year maybe!!

Sponsored Bungee Jump!

On 25 August Mary Hamilton made a sponsored bungee jump to raise funds for KASBAH. Thanks and congratulations to her on taking the plunge and raising over £800.


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KASBAH relies on both funding and donations from the public and other external sources to operate. Without such support KASBAH would cease to exist.

We are constantly in need of funding and are very grateful to the various funders that have chosen to donate to KASBAH.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid provides a great opportunity for you to increase the value of the donations you make to KASBAH. Provided you are a UK taxpayer, however you make your donations, KASBAH can reclaim the basic rate tax from the Inland Revenue, boosting the donation of every £1 to £1.25.

There are several different ways you can make a donation:

By Post

Donations can be made by cheque, postal order or cash and should be posted to:

KASBAH, 7 The Hive, Northfleet, Kent DA11 9DE.

Please make cheques and postal orders payable to KASBAH. We recommend that cash payments should only be sent using a secure mailing system (i.e. registered mail).

By Standing Order

If you want to make regular donations, payments by standing order are an effective way of doing this. You can make payments weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly to suit. Once the initial forms are completed, please return them to the KASBAH office for documenting, we will then forward them to your bank who will do the rest.

Payroll Giving

Many employers now operate Payroll Giving schemes. These schemes are tax efficient as they enable you to make a donation directly from your salary before tax has been deducted. This means that if you pay the basic rate of tax, for every £1.00 you give to KASBAH, it only costs you 78 pence. (For higher rate taxpayers the scheme has even greater advantages.)

For more information about Payroll Giving please email us at


Legacies are an effective way of making sure that your good intentions and our vital work continues into the future. Naturally, your first concern will be for your family and loved ones, but please consider helping us by including KASBAH with your will.

Legacies are tax-free and simple to set up even if you do not currently have a will.

For more information regarding legacy giving please email us at


Donating time or expertise can be just as important to KASBAH. If you would like to volunteer some of your spare time or think that your expertise in a certain field may be of benefit to our charity, please contact us.

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