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Seabrooke House

KASBAH's independent living project...

Aims of the Independent Living Project are...

To provide support, skills and practice which empowers each individual to make decisions and take actions regarding their lives;

To provide opportunities to enable each individual to actively contribute to the community, the economy and their own development and potential.

Seabrooke House

The project consists of two separate buildings approximately 10 metres apart.

The larger main building comprises of a completely wheelchair accessible single story building which contains six self contained rooms.

Three of the rooms have ensuite facilities additionally, there are two bathrooms specially adapted for wheelchair users.

There is a spacious kitchen area where trainees learn and practice to prepare food and cook their meals and a large open plan room, which is used for dining.

Other facilities include a training/sitting room and an office. The garden is secluded with a seating area.

The second building houses two totally self-contained one-bedroom flats.

These flats are used to allow trainees the opportunity to practice and utilise the skills they have acquired in a minimally supported environment, before moving on to accommodation in their local area.

These flats ensure that the trainees get the chance to practice all their skills for independent living with minimum external involvement but also provide the opportunity for assessment in a real life scenario.

Seabrooke House Seabrooke House
Seabrooke House Kitchen

Location, Travel & Access

Seabrooke House is located in Swanscombe, ten minutes from the A2. The Swanscombe village community has all the usual facilities and includes an extensive support network and facilities for youth and young people.

Gravesend with its impressive array of shops, libraries and other amenities is situated a bus ride away. Dartford and the surrounding area have recently undergone an extensive facelift and now include all the facilities and amenities to be found in a major city. The nearest landmark is the Bluewater Shopping Centre some ten minutes away by car.

The area is well serviced by public transport with Dartford, Gravesend and Swanscombe having their own rail stations. Car travel is facilitated due to the proximity of the A2, which allows easy access to the surrounding areas and the rest of Kent and London

Criteria for becoming a trainee

The eligibility criteria for accessing KASBAH’s supported housing routes are that:

  • The person has additional needs (physical and/or learning disabilities (mild to moderate learning disabilities) and requires training in areas of daily living skills
  • The person has capacity to make informed decisions
  • They are aged between 18-35 (guide only)
  • The person has a care manager in place (KASBAH will assist in the referral process to Social Services if not in place)
  • They will be able to take responsibility for their own actions when off site (after assessment period)

Degree of Care Offered

Seabrooke House is not intended to be a care home in the conventional sense in that it aims to train people to deal with and access their care needs through the normal community and Social Service systems. Staff will not undertake personal care however, training which enables trainees to utilise equipment and access other facilities will be offered.

The Extent to Which Illness or Disability can be accommodated

Occasional common illnesses; colds, flu, etc will be dealt with through the normal GP services available to all members of the public, or private systems for those who are covered. Illnesses and symptoms arising from their personal circumstances will be dealt with through their normal care package. In both instances, staff will support the trainee and act as advocates on their behalf to ensure they receive the medical attention they need until they are able to act as advocates on their own behalf.

Seabrooke House Bedroom


Trainees must be eighteen or over when they move into their accommodation;

They must be prepared to undertake an initial assessment period of one day at Seabrooke House followed by a further two-week residential assessment;

Once assessment is complete, a place will only be offered if it agreed that the trainee would be able to undergo and benefit from the training offered.


Due to the unique needs of each trainee, training plans will be developed on an individual basis to meet their specific needs. Maximum opportunities to practice common routines and tasks will be utilised but also the introduction of new experiences will be used to widen their choices and provide new interests and the development of other opportunities.

The highest standards of training and support coupled with the opportunity to practice and make choices and decisions will be used to enable each trainee to reach their maximum potential for independent living. This will involve the trainees taking risks however, these are a necessary part of developing independence and they will be closely monitored.


Each potential trainee is assessed before being offered a place. During this period, a personal training and development plan will be produced and progress will be reviewed regularly with each trainee. KASBAH believes that to achieve our aims and empower people to live independently they must be involved and take a leading role in the planning and evaluation of their development.

The process of teaching such skills takes time, patience and understanding, skills need to be reinforced on a daily basis and to accomplish this, trainees will be supported until they become wholly responsible for their own washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, shopping and budgeting, etc. Initially there will be almost one to one support for these tasks, depending on individual needs. As the trainee's confidence, ability and independence develop, the support will gradually be withdrawn.

Training in life skills will also include how to use time effectively, exploring the community and using available leisure and other community facilities, how to access and use educational, training and hobby facilities and any other area of interest. The project will also investigate opportunities for work experience, employment and the possibility of work placements on a voluntary or paid basis.

Personal development, such as sex education, sexuality and relationship issues are also areas that receive training, advice and support and where necessary subject experts will be consulted or used to provide individual help.

The project utilises the views and opinions of trainees, their families, and professionals to ensure trainees achieve independence, confidence and self-esteem. The trainee’s also investigate additional opportunities to enhance and improve their circumstances using external support services and other people with Spina Bifida and / or hydrocephalus as part of an inclusive package of support.


A referral will be considered from any individual or agency; the Manager will make the final selection of those who will be offered an assessment place.

Seabrooke House Garden


Each individual will claim Housing Benefit to cover the cost of the rent of the room or flat and facilities.

Each individual will be responsible for a service charge levied by KASBAH.

Supporting People and direct payments (accessed via a care manager) fund the support costs.

A two-week residential assessment is mandatory before anyone is offered a place.

Seabrooke House Staff

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